The Challenge:

Building life skills that support the development of creative, responsible and caring students

Do you use technology to help your students build 21st century skills? Then take the Microsoft MIXathon Challenge by working with your students to create a up to a 15-minute interactive “best ever lesson” on a topic of your choice, using Microsoft PowerPoint and the new, free Office Mix add-in!

Match your current learning activity to one of the following broad subject areas to find the perfect MIX topic:

  • Science and Technology
  • Language and History
  • Arts and Storytelling

Tune in to 21st Century Learning Design

Educators globally are working to design new models of learning that better prepare learners for life and work in the 21st Century. Through 21st Century Learning Design (21 CLD), teachers and schools are supported in developing more innovative pedagogies that develop students’ skills for the 21st Century. 21st Century Learning Design is aligned with the UNESCO ICT Competency Framework for Teachers and asks teachers and school leaders to:

  • Analyze and 'code' learning activities to see how deeply they integrate 21st Century Skills
  • Collaborate in designing new learning activities that provide deeper 21st Century Skills development
  • Examine the impact of these learning activities on students' work
  • Use ICT as part of the process
Learn more about 21 CLD

The Rules

  • Entrants must be enrolled as an educator at an accredited educational institution
  • MIXes may only be submitted by educators, not by students
  • A maximum of three MIXes may be submitted per educator
  • MIXes must be created in Microsoft PowerPoint and the new, free Office Mix add-in
  • All MIXes must be published on MIX.OFFICE.COM*. The permissions slider must also be set to “public” otherwise it will not be judged for the contest. (*requires the creation of a user account)
Full Terms & Conditions

The Jury

Entrants will be evaluated according to an Evaluation Criteria framework that is aligned with the UNESCO ICT Competency Framework for Teachers.

The Judging Committee will consist of a minimum of 3 educational experts per country, and 3 educational experts for the CEE finals.

Country-level Jury:

  • Local Microsoft in education member
  • Microsoft expert educator, and winner of a national and global forum
  • Expert from an official national educational organization

CEE-level Jury

  • Regional Microsoft in education member
  • MIE fellow
  • Senior global forum Judge

The Prizes

There will be 2 levels of prizes: the national prizes for the finalists for each of the 32 countries and the regional prizes for the 3 final winners.

Regional prize - Microsoft E² Global Educator Exchange Event

The 3 overall winners of the Microsoft MIXathon Challenge in Central & Eastern Europe will be invited along with other top educators from around the world to attend the Microsoft E² Global Educator Exchange Event in spring 2016 venue to be confirmed.

The E² Global Educator Exchange Event is an exciting three-day event to recognize and celebrate the achievements of educators who are preparing students for life in the 21st Century. The Educator Exchange brings together around 300 of the world's most innovative educators for an unparalleled opportunity to collaborate, create and share their experiences on how to integrate technology and pedagogy in ways that achieve 21st century learning outcomes. To view last year’s event details please visit

Special award - Innovation in special Education

For learning activities that concern special education or inclusion classes, the winning school will receive a Windows Kinect device and a school license for 12 months of the ‘Our Kinect’ games offer for children with disabilities ( There will be 1 winner in the special award.

National Prizes

There will be 3 prizes per country of participation and the 1st prize winner will enter the finals for the CEE regional prize.

1st prize

IT Academy subscription for one year for the school of the educator, including vouchers for free certification exams of Office Specialist. With the Microsoft IT Academy (ITA) program, academic institutions and their educators, students and staff get digital curriculum and certifications for fundamental technology skills - as well as courses critical for students to be successful in today’s technologically evolving world.

2nd prize

An XBOX One and Kinect bundle for educational research purposes and game based learning for the school library of the educator winner. 1-year subscription for the school technology room of 3D educational content plus 20 (twenty) 1-year subscriptions for 20 students devices from our sponsor Corinth (please visit for more information).

3rd prize

1 box of 30 exclusive contest promotional items for the school of the winning educator (for the students of the winning project) that will include 1 bag, 1 usb with information, 1 tshirt, 1 laptop/tablet sticker per person.

Important note: the prizes are subject to availability in each country and national regulations. In the case the prize is not available in your country, there will be another option of prize at the same cost.

How we rate your Mix

Your Mix will be assessed on a number of different elements including how you plan and design the learning environment to support the development of 21st Century Skills, how you use technology in the classroom in an innovative way and the overall quality of the MIX presentation.

Find out more about the evaluation criteria for each MIX under Terms and Condition

The key assessment criteria are:

The key assessment criteria

How to participate

Step: 1

Step: 1 - get inspired and select your MIX topic

Get inspired and select your MIX topic

You are free to choose a MIX topic that matches the interests of your students and the requirements of your curriculum in the following areas:

  • Science and Technology
  • Language and History
  • Arts and Storytelling

Here’s a MIX checklist to get you started:

  • Which topics are best suited to an interactive presentation?
  • What is the educational objective?
  • How does it enrich students’ life skills?
  • How can I involve my students in the creative process?
  • Which MIX elements should I use?
See what’s possible with Office Mix

Step: 2

Step: 2 - Learn how Office Mix works and get started

Learn how Office Mix works and get started

Take the Microsoft MIXathon Challenge by working with your students to create a 15-minute interactive “best ever lesson” on your chosen topic, using Microsoft PowerPoint and the new, free Office Mix add-in!

Office Mix is easy to learn and use, so check out our special Office Mix for Teachers page to start creating awesome MIX projects. You will find a collection of resources to help you and your students get the most out of Office Mix.

Visit Download the Office Mix Help Guide as PDF

Step: 3

Step: 3 - Publish your MIX on the Office Mix portal

Publish your MIX on the Office Mix portal

You can save your work and upload drafts directly from PowerPoint as you go - but the video checkbox should stay empty until your final draft is ready. That way, you'll speed up the publishing process of interim drafts. To do this:

  1. Click ‘Upload to Mix’ on the ribbon’s Office Mix tab
    Upload to Mix
  2. In the ‘Upload to Mix’ pane, clear the checkbox under Enable playback on mobile devices.
  3. When you're ready to upload your final draft, check that box
  4. Don't forget to move the permissions slider to "Public" (must be set to “Public” otherwise it will not be judged for the contest).
    Upload to Mix

Step: 4

Step: 4 - Upload your MIX (before December 31st 2015)

Upload your MIX (before December 31st 2015)

You can submit up to three of your best MIX projects to the website via this simple process:

  1. Sign-in with your Microsoft, school, Facebook or Google account
  2. Complete your details in the form provided
  3. Insert the link(s) to your Mix files on the Office Mix portal (, and click on the “Submit your MIX now” button, or save your form and complete it later.

That’s it! Winners will be selected and notified in early 2016.

Submit your Mix now!


Not directly – you need to work with your qualified educator on a MIX project that must be submitted by them.

You can select up to 2 learning activities for the MIXathon challenge.

There are no restrictions on the scale of your learning activity.

There can be only one winner per learning activity. We suggest that each educator participates individually using the same subject matter.

Yes, you can participate with a learning activity in your local language. However, if your activity is selected for the finals, you will need to create an English version so that it is accessible to the English-speaking judges.

Yes! Actually proof of student participation in the MIX will be rewarded with extra credit, as per the evaluation criteria.

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